Booting FREEDOS and Loading High Memory Devices Later

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Booting FREEDOS and Loading High Memory Devices Later

I just bought a new diagnostics software for my business called PC-Check by EuroSoft.
It is loaded by it's own floppy, own DOS clone (called EuroDos) to keep a low footprint on the RAM,
so that RAM diagnostics is available.
I'm trying to make this program load from the network by our PXE server.
No problem using it by pxelinux and memdisk but my problem is that I'm trying to get the report back to the network. I guess there are a lot of methods to get it (FTP/SSH SFTP/TFTP/SAMBA/NFS/MAIL/etc.,)

-The software won't exit to dos to let me load network drivers so I tried taking the executables off the image and loading them in an MS-DOS image. It worked but some PC's had some problems testing the RAM.

I'm looking for a way to load network devices after the program exits to dos, also a good reliable DOS clone with a small footprint that will let me load "PC-Check" without hanging or unreliable testing.

I was sure the answer is in linux than I got to FREEDOS.
As I'm quite new in FREEDOS, I wonder how I can establish that.
For example - I know that I can load devices by DEVLOAD, I know netbootdisk which has a lot of network drivers builtin, and also if I keep the pxe stack it should work with the universal NDIS driver.
How do I make FREEDOS use the upper memory as default, after for example, devloading himem,sys
How do I accomplish DOS=HIGH,UMB?
I remember there was an app called UMBPCI, does FREEDOS has any alternative?
What about it's kernel? does it have network drivers and ability to talk with TCP/IP protocol builtin?

What do you suggest has experienced users?
Thank you very much!