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Fix IP adress

Wolfgang ANdreas Heisele

That is what I found so far. FDOS\BIN\fdnet.bat I tried to comment out the dhcp.exe, but it still booted up and discovered the dhcp server and changed back the config file with the dhcp settings. Than I tried to leave the dhcp.exe in and edited the config files (all I found) to a fixed ip adress and still it discovers and overwrites the fixed settings. That's why I asked here. Do I have to write something different into the config file than before?
Myadress = fix ip
networkmask =
nameserver =
gateway =
That was what I put into the config file according to an old howto.
By the way I checked whether some demos worked and made a short video of angeldust 2 running in freedos 1.2. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q7pMZbz7Bg)
Next thing I will check out is whether one can get a better resolution graficly.
Thanks for your answers!

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