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FreeDOS Live CD Disribution - FreeDOS B

Ercan Ersoy
Hi everyone. I managed  FreeDOS B project that is FreeDOS live cd. This includes FreeDOS programs and some other open source DOS applications. FreeDOS B is useful testing FreeDOS, computer maintenance, using DOS applications, education without installing another operating system on computer.

Project Offical Site:

FreeDOS B 1.0 released on September 30, 2016. I tested Oracle VirtualBox, QEMU
and real hardware.

FreeDOS B 1.0 included various software those are open source. These software

* FreeDOS
* Bilgisayarcılık DOS Tools
* ZeroFill
* Bootfix
* TestDisk
* LiloPwd
* flashrom

Best regards.
Ercan Ersoy
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