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Fwd: format error in FAT32 kernel

Roy Tam
Forwarded from sourceforge bug tracker:

Boot FAT32 kernel (ex. ke2041_86f32) from A: and "format b: /u", then an  
error occurs.

     A:>format b: /u
     Insert new diskette for drive B:
     Press ENTER when the right disk is in drive...
     Using drive default: 1440k (Cyl=80 Head=2 Sec=18)
     Please enter volume label (max. 11 chars):
     No label, disk will have no creation timestamp.
     Full Formatting (wiping all data)
     100 percent completed.
     Preparing FAT area...
     Drive_IO(WRITE 1, count 1 ) [FAT12/16] [drive B*]

     Critical error during DOS disk access
     DOS driver error (hex): 01
     Description: unknown unit for driver
     Program terminated.
     [Error 129]

Format uses INT26, and this error occurs in kernel.
When "dir b:" before format, then this error does not occur.

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