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New FreeDOSers Monthly Reminder

John Price


Hello, and welcome to the FreeDOS mailing list!

If you have been a list member for some time, then you can skip this
as you should be familiar with the rules by now.


The FreeDOS Project aims to create a free, complete implementation of
classic DOS. DOS is still a popular system, and plenty of people use
FreeDOS to play classic DOS games, run legacy software, and support
embedded systems. For more information about FreeDOS, visit:

We have only a few rules for posting to the FreeDOS mailing lists:

1. Don't swear. We don't want this mailing list to become what Usenet
   turned into.

2. Keep posts on-topic. Remember, we set up this mailing list to
   discuss FreeDOS issues.

3. No flame wars. If you feel really strongly against what someone has
   said, send a reply off-list.

Some suggestions:

** Please send only plain text email messages, rather than messages
   formatted in HTML. Plain text makes it easier for everyone to read
   your posts. Above all, HTML email is particularly difficult for
   some screen readers.

** When replying to messages, please quote just the bit of email you
   are replying to. Don't copy the whole conversation if you don't
   need to.



/* This is an automated message sent out to the mailing list at the
first of each month.  It is automagically downloaded from 

Feel free to contact John Price if necessary by replying to this
message. */

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