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Andreas Bollhalder

I forgot to mention, that I had to use IBM PC-DOS 2000 to get the DOS
WLAN-Card working. FreeDOS didn't worked that time. I don't know, if
it would be possible with FreeDOS today.

For anyone, trying to get it work under FreeDOS, my description under
the following link could be helpfull.


> -----Original Message-----
> I use a Cisco Aironet PCMCIA card. It's an old one. With the
> 128bit WEP-key it only has a troughput of 2Mbit/s. Without
> it's 11Mbit/s. You need a generic PCMCIA socket or the card services
> Then you can program the WEP-key onto the card with a tool. I use
> and the 16-bit DOS-ODI network driver of Cisco. It works
transparently for
> my application. Other cards had DOS drivers too (with the Orinoco
> Unfortunatly, the most manufacturs miss DOS drivers today. I got my
> from an internet auction.

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