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Alain Mouette
Hi Eric and all,
(I am answering here as it can interest more people)

How is working in SYS? there is a fresh copy from yesterday...

I understand that correct operation would be to update both copies of
boot sectors. Or at least that should be the default.

Where is that backup bootsector? I know the boot sector is the first
sector of the partition, how do I find the second one (with NU's diskedit)?

FYI, I tested with win98se's scandisk and the error is not reported (nor


[hidden email] escreveu:

> Hi, FAT32 has 2 copies of the boot sector. One of them is the
> backup :-). FreeDOS SYS only seems to write the main copy but
> does not update the backup. The difference-list tells that one
> copy has FRDOS and the other has MSWIN in the OEM id string...
> Could be intentional that SYS leaves the backup in "MS state"
> when you SYS to FreeDOS, but there should be at least a command
> line switch to select writing both main and backup boot sector.
> By the way, SYS compiling seems to give problems at the moment,
> I think you can only compile with Turbo C or only with Watcom C
> but not with both - one of both is broken as far as I remember.
> Even if compiling works, it can be the case that the resulting
> SYS does not fully work. Maybe you can compile and test. Uhm, well,
> I also heard that the OpenWatcom installer script has a bug, so
> installing OpenWatcom can be tricky, too?
> Eric

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