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Jim Hall-2
Johnson Lam wrote:

> There is a new QuickView Pro for DOS version.
> Major changes in version 2.55 are:
> - Bookmark setting during playback with CTRL+F1 until CTRL+F12 and
>   retrieving the position with F1 - F12.
> - Random access to 0%, 10%, ..., 90% of the file length using the
>   keys 0 - 9.
> - Alt+R rereads the directory
> - Added support for these video codecs:
> Autodesk Animator-Codec [AASC]
> Indeo 2 [RT21]
> Miro VideoXL [VIXL]

Just to follow up on this, since I had forgotten about QV and had to do
a Google search to find the URL.

It's a DOS Multimedia Viewer including support for DivX, AVI, MPEG, MOV
and MP3.  There are two versions ("Pro" and "Real Mode") but "Pro" is
the only one that gets updated.

This is for-pay software: $23 for personal use ($15 for a "light"
version of "Pro" that doesn't include some command-line features), $15
for students, $50 for commercial use.


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