Run Freedos on top of the Nova hypervisor?

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Run Freedos on top of the Nova hypervisor?

Paul Dufresne
I was reading some article about the future of FreeDOS and I was
asking myself if FreeDOS could and would profit from running
on top of Nova Hypervisor:

I learned about it through the Genode project, which recently managed
to have VirtualBox ported to run nicely on top of Nova.

Truely, it seems that Nova have been used mostly to run Linux on top,
but I suppose the 16 bits nature of DOS
still allows it to be run on Nova, although I am not completely sure of that.

The good point is Nova allows to use modern CPU virtualization
features for devices, so that FreeDOS VM could think
they have access to the real devices.

I am more following projects than an active developpers, so I post
here to let you bright guys evaluate if it can be done,
and if it is usefull for the FreeDOS project.

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