Status of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in FreeDOS?

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Status of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in FreeDOS?

Eric Auer-3

Hi, forwarding a question from SF user banana29j. I myself
do not have Windows for Workgroups, so my 2006 comment was
about something said on the list back then. Maybe somebody
who does have that version of Windows can comment about the
status with 2017ish FreeDOS kernels? Of course other driver
issues also matter - for example 386enh mode take-over via
GEMMIS is not supported by open source EMM386 alternatives,
so WfW 3.11 will only work with suitable HIMEM alternatives
without EMM386. Also, it will only work if a small enough
amount of RAM is present: Windows gets confused otherwise.

Thanks for commenting! Regards, Eric

> Hallo you have written follow :
> 2006-06-30  :
> Logged In: YES user_id=309160 Update: When you load SHARE, you can
> use DOS boxes inside Windows 3.x in standard mode with the normal
> 2036 stable kernel. You can even run 386 mode and Windows for
> Workgroups 3.11 with the unstable / development kernel "2035-cvs"
> now. This feature should be available in the next major kernel
> version 2037. The devel kernel can be found on the FDOS page:
> Eric
> How does your solution works ?? . I have try to check this. follow I
> have found . If you have an IO.sys of MS-DOS 7,1 you can change it
> with a hex editor Follow: 131C2  the Value 04 to 03 and the values of
> 131D5 and 131D6 to 90. Now you can run it .This is on Windows 95 dos.
> if you have 98 you can it change on another thing.
> On Free Dos i have try some different things. ..Load the newest
> kernel. You have to load himem.sys to start Windows 3.11 with win/d:t
> but without 386 enhancement. If i load it with win it says i have the
> wrong dos version. . If I use an 386 kernel of freedos it is the
> same. In Windows 3.11 you can edit the system ini and add entery
> InDOSPolling=true . you can now start Windows 3.11 with C:\ cd
> Windows
> C:\Windows\[system\dosx] In case type this. Windows 3.11 for
> Worksgroups starts in Standard Mode.  Im working on Windows 3.11
> starts in enhanced Mode. on freedos.
> My ideas are : In WFW 3.11 you can install a MS-DOS driver. if you
> run setup you can setup your machine type. If we make a Driver for
> this we can say to Windows we have MS-DOS but we havn't it. If you
> look to IO.SYS there must be an code who say Windows . Ahh everything
> ok .. Im msdos 6.22 but its MSDOS 7.1 In Dos Box Windows 3.11 works
> in enhanced Mode. I don't know what they do . But we can use this
> solution in Freedos I think.
> I hope i get a answer:)
> cheeers

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