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emmx202 and gppari success

coralline algae

Hurray gppari now works with the emmx202 package, so I can abandon the
drdos version of emm386.  Using drdos emm386 was suboptimal.

I should mention that the /max parameter to himem is located in the
errata.  While testing with   himem  /max=  I tried several values and found
that at 544m  I would get the out of memory message but I was able
to go up to 512m.  I dont know if using values higher than your suggested
might lead to problems but I be a happy camper for now.  
450mhz AMD k6   with  768 mb ram

GP stuff using EMX/RSX has the same problem as RAR32 does, mentioned in
EMM386 2.02 release announcement.  EMX/RSX extender is unhappy with too
much available extended memory when EMM386 is loaded.

However, unlike RAR32 which fails if more than MAX=429M option is specified
in the HIMEM (not EMM386) line, GP will not fail until the MAX= setting is
higher than 434M.  5M difference is possibly due to the larger size and
memory requirements of GP.EXE.

I don't know what's going on in EMX/RSX's little pin head, but the
workaround is to limit your total available extended memory in HIMEM when
using it to, oh, /MAX=424M ought to be safe.

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